OK, Fine, by now we all know D4S has its favorites, ( Sentate, Starlord, Madlin, Leahlillith and now

Well we're looking for others, there are so many we havn't seen. If you want to help us in this seach, e-mail us.

For now, we are going to clean out last years work pile, things we started and never finished. Today is one of Marigold's coats. (She has a load of great stuff)

Dreaming4Sims_Three Fourth Coat, Top, Pants, Shoes and earrings all on Website.

Marigold ~ Winter Coat

Set of 12

Set of 12 Coats for all occasions

Dreaming_(Marigold) ThreeFourthCoat -

you need the mesh, above.

Hair - Nightcrawler, May Sims, Jakea -w- Simplcialy, and Anto

Tops - D4S, #2 - game top

Dress & Shoes - D4S

Pants - D4S

#Recolor #Sims4update #DreamingThreeFouthCoat #Marigold #FallampWinterFashion

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