March, Cactus

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Last March update 2018

These meshes came from Rhowc, I think most came from other creators, I'm not sure, they don't list any. But here is my recreated work. Credit and thanks to all who made the meshes, I will list who I think, if I recognize them.

Six Clothing items. -

Cactus Gown - Download (Rhowc) ?

Tshirt Dress - Download (Rhowc) ?

Cactus Full body skirt Dress - Download (Rhowc) - ? AAS

March Gown - Download (Rhowc) - ? base game

Cactus Anita's Short Dress - Download (Rhowc) - ? Sentate

Elie Saab Dress - Download (Rhowc) - ? Sentate

D4S April Earrings

April Earrings - Download (MFS)

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