March, Cactus

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Last March update 2018

These meshes came from Rhowc, I think most came from other creators, I'm not sure, they don't list any. But here is my recreated work. Credit and thanks to all who made the meshes, I will list who I think, if I recognize them.

Six Clothing items. -

Cactus Gown - Download (Rhowc) ?

Tshirt Dress - Download (Rhowc) ?

Cactus Full body skirt Dress - Download (Rhowc) - ? AAS

March Gown - Download (Rhowc) - ? base game

Cactus Anita's Short Dress - Download (Rhowc) - ? Sentate

Elie Saab Dress - Download (Rhowc) - ? Sentate

D4S April Earrings

April Earrings - Download (MFS)

#Cactus #Gown #shortdress #FullskirtDress #Tshirt #March #ES #earrings #Anita39s #ElieSab

Thanks to all creators that share. Look under Links to find, list of the many sites we frequent. All items here will be new edits of meshes, or recolors by us.

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